About us

A Step-Up Genetics is a genetic testing facility located in Greensboro North Carolina.

The staff at A Step-Up Genetics understand the importance of genetic testing for cancer and drug interactions.  Many of the staff have had cancer or have someone close to them that gone through the pain and fear of this devastating diagnosis!

A  Step-Up Genetics is not a marketing company. Our business is growing with locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

If you can’t come to us, we come to you.  At your home, doctor’s office, clinic or nursing home. Our qualified staff will educate you so you understand what these tests are for, and how they can save your life.

Our advantages

Located in Multiple States

We have a direct, tangible impact on people's lives. We don't sit in cubicles, and don't mail you test kits. We interact with patients and doctor's to ensure trust, confidentiality and efficiency.

Genetic Labs

We utilizes the most advanced genetic labs in the country to ensure that testing meets or exceeds the highest levels of detail.Genetic testing plays a vital role in determining the risk of developing certain diseases.

Direct Interaction

At A Step-Up Genetics, we feel your treating physician is the best person to come up with a treatment plan if your test is positive. We will contact you and/or your doctor of choice to inform them of your test results.

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