CGx Testing

CGx Testing
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A Step-UP Genetics CGx Testing

A Step-Up Genetic CGx testing is used to determine if a patient is at an increased risk of developing hereditary cancer.

The CGx test provides information to the patient’s physician to pursue treatment options which may lead to early detection and treatment of the condition.  

Some people are genetically predisposed to develop certain types of cancers, and the CGx test helps to uncover these risks.

Please be aware that having a gene mutation does not mean you have or will develop cancer.

The CGx test will help determine your risk of developing a particular cancer. One of the greatest benefits of the test is determining if you have a genetic precursor or genes that may pass an increased cancer risk to your children.  Like the BRCA Cancer Gene, understanding your genetic makeup helps with early detection and therefore early treatment. 

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Genes included on this test may be associated with several different types of cancer and are also associated with varying levels of cancer risk.  Your physician’s recommendations regarding your treatment could differ from the genetic testing results.  All genes on the CGx panel have been implicated in cancer presdisposition and are associated with increased lifetime cancer risk(s).

In addition to increasing cancer risk, some genes on this CGx panel have also been implicated in other genetic conditions, whcih are inherited in a recessive manner.  This means that if you are identified to carry a mutation in one of these genes and your child’s other biological parent also carries a mutation in the same gene there is a 25% chance of a child being affected by one of these recessive conditions.  The overall risk of having a child affected with one of these conditions is low.  Further testing of you or your partner may be recommended based on the results of this test.

Please seek out a genetic counselor or qualified cancer specialist on recommended options and treatment following positive test results.