MD HeartPro

MD HeartPro


Are you seeing the full picture of patient risk?

  • 60% of patients having heart attacks or strokes have NORMAL lipid levels.

The 40-year-old lipid panel misses three of the most common disorders contributing to cardiovascular disease and offers no assessment of stroke.

1. 50% of patients with heart disease have no traditional risk markers.

2. LDL-C and/or total cholesterol account for only 25% of the risk of premature cardiovascular disease.

MD HeartPro is fully reimbursed by Medicare

Same ICD-10 codes as lipid panel

If patient is on statin therapy, panel reimbursed quarterly

Making it easier for physicians

to manage CVD

Patient education materials

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Replace the 40-year-old lipid panel with MD HeartPro advanced lipid testing.

It’s never too soon to identify hidden risk of heart disease and stroke for your patients.