PGx Testing

PGx Testing

A step-Up genetics Pgx testing

Pharmacogenomics or PGx is a genetic testing profile which analyzes genetic variations to determine how the body metabolizes many of the most common medications on the market today.

PGx testing is one of the leading tools to help your healthcare provider determine the best medication for you which is why it is also commonly referred to as personalized medicine!

PGx testing provides your physician a treatment based on the genetic traits present in your DNA. This information can be used to predict whether a drug or drug dose is likely to be effective and identify patients at risk of serious or intolerable side-effects.

A Step-Up Genetics utilizes the most advanced genetic laboratories with reports that include the genotype result and metaboliser status for all genes included in the panel.

Panel-based testing is advantageous because it provides information relevant to both current medications and those that may be prescribed in future.

Additional factors, including illness, nutrition and concurrent medication, can contribute to patient metaboliser status at a given time and should therefore be considered when using the result from this test to determine drug dosage.